Leanette Watkins

Ways to Work Drives Job Security

When Leanette Watkins walked in the door of Presbyterian Homes & Family Services (PHFS) and the Family Alliance, Lynchburg, Va., she was on her last straw. Shortly after divorcing her husband, enduring a house fire, and losing a child, Watkins and her son moved to Lynchburg with the goal of starting over.

Determined to rebuild her life, Watkins took several temporary jobs. However, when her car started having trouble, it was difficult for her to make it to work on time. A social worker who heard her story, referred her to the Ways to Work program, through which she could get a short-term, low-interest loan to purchase a reliable used car. She also would participate in financial capacity training that would help her to budget, save money, and rebuild her credit history.

Watkins thrived in the Ways to Work program. After securing her loan and purchasing a reliable car, she advanced from a temporary job to a full-time career, which enabled her to fully provide for her son, become financially independent, and buy a house.

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